Luguer offers rubber and aluminum standard or customized contact wheels and rubber covered rollers.
Our products are used for preparing, grinding and finishing component part applications for wood or metalworking, electronics, assemly lines and many more.

Contact Wheels

For abrasive belt grinding machines, general-purpose bench-type grinders and grinders with shorter spindles. 
The contact wheel election will have influence in the cut, the finishing, the temperature, the time and the cost of the operation and it will afect the belt performance aswell.


Expander Wheels

For woodworking, metalworking, footgear making and general-purpose sanding equipment, high-speed portable tools and flexible shaft grinders.


Rubber Covered Rollers

Our rollers are customized and used for many applications like wrapping, gluing, grinding, polishing, finishing applications and more.


Customized Wheels

The increasing specific demands of our costumers makes us build very special wheels for very special needs.
Wheels with differents cores, built on bearings, special grip systems, cone shape wheels, micro wheels, removable, etc... are different types of wheels we can make on demand for our costumers.
For every petition of a wheel or roller, LUGUER evaluates, designs and makes the best product for your needs.


Tensioner Wheels

Our tensioner wheels are designed to replace most of the tensioner wheels of the market. The replacement of the old iron or steel tensioner wheels for the LUGUER Tensioner Wheels helps you saving in abrasive belts and wheels thanks to they design.