Contact Wheels

The contact wheels is the support base and the abrasive belt drag.
The contact wheel election will have influence in the cut, the finishing, the temperature, the time and the cost of the operation and it will afect the belt performance aswell.
We offer a complete line of standard and customized contact wheels required for polishing and grinding with different types of rubbers, hardness and sizes depending on your needs.


Diameter 50mm to 400mm

Width 20mm to 200mm


Natural- For all kind of dry performance, material and moderated temperature. Medium hardness

Synthetic- Specially designed for automatic machines which work with lubricantds or refrigerants, with polishing pastes for it's high resistance to fatty acids and oils. Recommended for processes which generates highly temperatures. Medium and high hardness.

Vulkoyan- Foam Polyurethane Polymer of low density and hardness but fast recovery, highly recommended for fine finishes on sinuous surfaces where you need high adaptability. Low hardness.

poleas de contacto poleas de aluminio y goma poleas para lijadora y amoladora